Click your way to indie game success! 

Bootstrap with client work, hire artists, release a beta, get some social media mojo going, and get rich!

Source code on github

StatusIn development
Made withPICO-8
Tagsclicker, PICO-8


This game is currently unavailable


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hmm yes click

One of my favorite games to come out of the jam! Can't wait til the 2 weeks rating period is over so you can update and we can play some more!

Nice game! Finally I finished it before my computer explodes haha

It was so much fun! I agree with @N0t it was the perfect way to end!

That moment when you were at +10.000 and then suddenly fall to -3000 and then lose everything : You created the perfect way to stop the addiction !

Haha  I knew starting out I would have to care about overflow, but never got round to it. Glad it's actually a FEATURE! :)

I like all of this game but it has no sounds...Anyway it's addictive as a clicker game have to be and funny to play! Well done

I agree, I ran out of time with the sounds :/ It will be integrated in v2! Thanks for playing and commenting!


Really nice :)

The clicker is a really nice genre for a Game Development theme, and I really think you nailed it :P

Hope you'll continue making games :)

Thank you!


9/10 should never play again. This is way too addicting, played it for like 30min/1hr.  Only problem I have is that there is no 'gamer recruiter' or 'game releaser'.

Hiring manager, that's a great addition indeed. And a full HR department, after indie success has been achieved. This will be for the second episode "AAA gamedev game"